Saturday, 23 September 2017

"a pipe or chamber branching into several openings"

Apparently that's what it is anyway, the definition of manifold I mean. There are many, as you would expect, but in the context of the manifold(s) I am talking about, that was the best I could find. I have to say I don't think its an accurate description of what I will be talking about, but I am not inclined to look for a different definition at this point in time, you are welcome to, if you wish.

I started with a pic of Izzy too, how unusual, well it is compared to the last few posts. Although, I made such a fuss about the definition of manifold and how it doesn't really fit with the manifold(s) I'm talking about, but there isn't even one in the picture. There is an inlet, that's clear for all to see, but no manifold, not yet, its coming though, be patient.

Coming back to the post, this is just a (relatively) short one that will cover the 2 manifolds, no more no less. Remember I said there were too many pics too put it all in one post, well this post is an example of me dealing with the overflow, surplus, excess, it's ok I wont go on.

The first pic (as I am sure you know) is the inlet (carburetor/fuel in) on the barrel, with appropriate gasket in place. I know I say "I'm sure you know" but that's only because I assume (possibly wrongly) that if you are looking at this blog and have got this far, you have an interest in the subject matter and therefore a knowledge of it. Perhaps I shouldn't assume that at all, I apologise if I am wrong. I will keep explaining things as I go on, as if the reader knows nothing (I know nothing) just in case someone reading doesn't (know) and for those that do, ignore it, you already know.

Above pic is the opposite side of the barrel and the outlet (exhaust/gas out) again with gasket in place. I like this pic, its nice to see a new barrel, new copper gasket and also the piston (with rings) inside the barrel. A steel barrel topped off by an aluminium head, all attached the the aluminium engine casing. You've gotta love a contrast of metals. The material, not the music, thought a lot of the music variety of metal is good too. I never knew there was such a contrast of metals (music wise) until i just looked. Some real doozies in this list, one could dedicate a whole post to just that alone. I wont, not here, not now, but may do on the other blog at some point, depends how bored I get Inspired I feel.

Once again I have gone off topic, so back to the post and next pic. This one finally contains the fabled manifold of which I spoke earlier (and this post is about) how magnificent it looks in all its splendour. OK its just a manifold, but its there, bolted on to the barrel and awaiting an exhaust to be attached to it, I sense the theme of a future post developing.

The last pic, well, that has not 1 but 2 manifolds, see, it was worth waiting to the end of the post for te big "manifold" pay off wasn't it. You can see the inlet manifold in the foreground, awaiting a carburetor and in the background, the outlet one, minus exhaust.

Neither of the manifolds are standard items as the parts (carb and exhaust) going on them aren't standard either. Well, it would be silly having a standard carburetor and exhaust when the barrel etc and other bits inside the engine casing aren't, wouldn't it?

More soon, don't ask how soon, you know how it works by now with regard to frequency of posts :-)

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