Friday, 31 July 2015

Rear Sprocket, Clutch Spider and Chain

Yes, they could be a folk group. or some "made up" terms is an old 2 Ronnie's sketch (Mr Barker being the master of wordplay) but in reality, neither of those is the case, its just a description of what has been done and what the pics show. I also know it isn't a picture of a clutch spider, sprocket or chain, that's further down (below). This is the 2 new (beneath the 2 old) roller bearings that the clutch spider sits on/in, whatever takes you fancy.

That's a picture of a clutch spider, sprocket and chain, you can also see the chain guides trying to sneak in to the right of the shot. Those crafty "photobombing" chain guides. They are both still loose in this pic, the nuts aren't tight and tab washer hasn't been bent, as you can see.

Now they have (nuts been tightened and tab washer bent) rather sloppily granted, but done all the same and will be functional if not aesthetic, not they will be seen anyway, plus they will be all oily and dirty over time so I don't know why I am making such a big deal about it :-)

An overview, showing all the aforementioned (I'm not repeating them) items in place, the appropriate tab washers bent (the clutch spider nut one along with the chain guide ones) and something missing from the clutch spider, yes, clutch basket and plates, guess what's up next?

Friday, 10 July 2015

Dish Shaped Washer

Or "oil thrower washer" as it's referred to, though why someone would want a dish with a hole in it beats me, equally, why throw oil around? but call it whatever you want, its in place sitting over the drive side of the crank, not that you can really tell due to the reflective qualities of new shiny metal....

The next pic shows the drive sleeve in place

Then the front sprocket

Followed by the spring collar (bottom)

Then the spring and spring collar top

All topped off by the drive side bolt and washer

Nothing particularly exciting but its a bit more done, next up is rear sprocket and chain.........