Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Come on, you have to admit, it does look quite a lot like an upside down Dalek, no, just me then. 

I had no idea how much stuff there is out there on tinternet to do with Daleks, there really is something for everyone, look, just quickly browsing, you can see what I mean. That is just one site, there are loads that cater for everything Dalek related, I was going to say some people clearly have too much time on their hands, but coming from me, who thinks the above picture is an upside down Dalek and has wasted a rather lengthy paragraph banging on about Daleks (and the time spent looking at Dalek related websites) that would probably be a foolish statement.

Ok so it isn't one (upside down Dalek) its far more exciting (possibly) its actually a TDC  tool, yes, you read it right. 

I should probably say now, this is what I like to call an "interim" post, as I am very aware its been many weeks since the last one and I thought I better put something up, however nonsensical. It's likely to be a post with many words that says very little, or, to coin a lyric, taken from a song by another of my favourite groups...........

                                     "You're talkin' a lot, but you're not sayin' anything"

So, back to the post, timing, its all in the timing. I fear, despite my best efforts (TDC tool and timing disc to name but 2) accurately adjusting sorting out Izzy's timing will be a bit hit and miss and more luck than judgement. There are a few things scooter rebuild, related I am not so keen on (carb adjustment, timing and electrics, oh, and paint)....(ok, many things) although I have a "good go at" and am getting better at, with time and patience and probably old age lol. Timing, is very much one of these "learning curve" things that I am not completely confident I will get right, without a degree (excuse the pun) of tinkering, still, time will tell.

The flywheel even has degree marks on it to aid in the process, is it any easier for me, ummmmm

I think if it was a traditional points system as opposed to an electronic ignition, I may, no, I would feel more confident, still, everything is where I "think" it needs to be and at some point down the line (when I first start Izzy) I will know how accurate I was, or wasn't :-)

Sunday, 11 October 2015

BGM Flywheel and Stator Plate (later than planned)

I did say at the end of the last post that I would be giving you cylinder head pics, so not to disappoint (as they are a few weeks later than I had hoped) I will give you not 1, not 2, but 3, yes THREE. The 1st of which is above, I should mention that I am not advertising for B&Q in the hope of receiving a new hedge trimmer (or hand bimmer as a certain, wonderful person used to call it) or complete set of garden furniture, or even barbecue, all of which would be handy. No, the bag in the background is used for rubbish, simple as that, please don't read anything else in to it.

A 2nd cylinder head pic, you get to see the inlet port too (no carb fitted yet) and a bit of the crank rod through the inlet opening, how exciting.

Your third and final cylinder head pic (please note I have made no attempt at innuendo around giving head pics, like I did in the last post) you can also see part of the clever blue wheel of numbers in the above pic, or as its commonly called, a timing disc. I will mention more on the timing disc and things associated with it ( I think you know what I mean) in a future (probably the next) post, but for now, will move on to something else.

Prepare yourself for the next pic, make sure your sitting down/comfortably, are wearing loose clothing, wont be distracted etc etc etc

WOW, at least that's the effect it had on me when I took it out the box and saw/handled it. I did allude to its wondrousness in a previous post but you have to admit (if like me you are impressed by such things) it is wonderfully crafted bit of kit. Yes, a BGM one piece flywheel, for more info look here, but suffice to say, its rather nice.

To compliment said flywheel, how about a new BGM stator plate to provide for all your electronic ignition needs (more info for those that want it) like the flywheel, its rather nice, but then I am easily impressed, well, by certain things anyway.

There is the same stator plate in the place its meant to be, the place it was made for, that's right, on the end of the crank shaft and waiting for the flywheel to be put over it.

As I hurtle to a rather abrupt end now is probably the time to say that's it for this post, I had planned on going into more detail on certain things and may well do in the future, in a backdated/flashback type way, but now, well I want to get on with my evening, sorry :-)

Sunday, 13 September 2015

"pulling your chain"

The first post in a long while (since this one) that I have started with a pic/image/visual thingy that is not an actual picture of some part of Izzy in some way. The reason, well, its a pictorial representation of what I did not long after the last post. You may remember (if not don't worry, I will repeat it) I mentioned the tightness of the chain, or lack of, it was truly troubling me, so I did as it says in the image up there and pulled tightened my Izzy's chain. Not by much I hasten to add, but after checking I felt it needed it and it was clearly bothering me, after all, I'm still going on about it, anyway, its done now and we I can move on.

So, back to pictures of Izzy, (sounds a little like a song doesn't it)....(maybe a little)....(come on, go with me on it).... as you can see above there are now 4 cylinder studs and a cylinder base gasket all applied to the engine case, can you tell where things are going.

Look, look, there's a (shiny new) piston there now, you can see the gudgeon pin and circlip too, holding it onto the crankshaft, which was is nice

You know the routine by now if you have been paying attention, same thing, different angle though note the arrow on the piston pointing down to Australia the exhaust port on the cylinder. Having a bit of a "crossed out word" overload in this post for some reason aren't I.

Gori 200cc cylinder appearing in shot now, its all happening, its slid itself over the first piston ring too, as if by magic, it wasn't magic, I just did it, it's not difficult.

2nd ring trapped within the confines of the cylinder, I know its not technical terminology but if you wanted that you wouldn't be reading this :-)

Yep, same thing different angle, at least you can see something on the cylinder in this pic (the inlet port) that you couldn't on the last one

The final 3 pics show the cylinder seated down into the engine casing, from the now obligatory different angles. I will likely give you head (cylinder head) pics in the next post, if things keep going in the same direction/down the same path/ along the same route and I don't distract myself with something else.

Monday, 31 August 2015

What's in the box?

Go on, tell me, tell me, what's in the box? All will become clear later, but first, I want to talk about studs.

I don't mean a type of piercing, racehorse or gentleman who is popular with the ladies, nor do I mean a piece of timber for fixing plasterboard to, or the thing on the bottom of a football boot.

No, I mean: "a bolt with threads on both ends, to be screwed permanently into a fixed part at one end and receive a nut upon the other; - called also standing bolt" not my definition I hasten to add, but accurate enough. I have used many of them throughout the rebuilding of Izzy's engine but the ones Ii want to talk about today are the chaincase cover ones. Why, aren't they just studs? well, interesting you say that, on one hand (not sure if its the left or right) they are yes, but on the other, they are different. Time for a picture I think, after all, it paints a thousand words apparently. That was an idiomatic expression, who knew (no me neither) but I'm sure some did. By the way, I'm not a big fan of bread (bread products yes, just not the group) but I felt it emphasised my point.

So, back to the task in hand, studs..........

I'm sure by now you know I do like a pic of the same thing, from a different angle, so there are 3 above. Studs in a crankcase, could almost be musical piece couldn't it, "studs in a crankcase" it's not, it's just a description. So, these studs, why so different, well, they have holes in, allen key sized holes, for fitting and removing said studs. I thought it was a cracking idea when I saw them, no more stuck studs that you end up drilling, cutting, heating and  getting extremely frustrated at trying to remove. 

3 more pics, same thing, different angle, but this time with nuts on, how exciting, I know, you're like me, you cant contain yourself can you. On a side note, I'm a bit worried about my chain, its adjusted as it should be (according to those wot know about these sort of things guvnor) but I cant help thinking it should be tighter, still, the play in it is the play its supposed to have so for now its staying that way. If, in the future, changes are needed, then changes they will be made. 

You wanted to know what was in the box didn't you, go on then, I will show you...........


Shiny new things, new things all ready to be fitted. Guess that' the next post sorted then :-)

Friday, 14 August 2015


Dirty, round the wrong way, bare, need I go on. I apologies in advance, but its going to be another post of few words and many pics, most of which will be slightly different than the ones before. Maybe I should have a spot the difference feature, hmmmm. thinking with my brain now.

Same pic, closer up, illustrating the bareness of it all.

Oooh, bit different, cleaner, less bare (oil seal fitted) though now upside down, the chaincase, not the oil seal. This side was the part that was vapour blasted (along with the engine casing) as mentioned back then so it should be clean, unlike the other side, that will soon be dirty (once the gearbox oil is added) so doesn't need to be overly clean.

Many more bits fitted, kick start shaft and mechanism, return spring, stop, guide and bits you cant see (brass bushes) as opposed to brass monkeys, which is something completely different. I was going to (and probably should have) replaced the "kickstart shaft piston" (several of the posts in this blog have had the potential for being innuendo heavy) with new (unchipped) teeth (unlike me, the chipped teeth I mean) but didn't as they aren't too bad (worn wise) and they will also match up nicely to the first gear to which they will be meeting when kicking Izzy over. It's also me keeping original parts as much as possible due to, on this occasion, laziness lol. Still, if I come to regret it and need to replace it (the kickstart shaft piston) its not a massive job once Izzy is all assembled and I really don't think I will need to, it doesn't look that bad (worn), I know, I'm trying to convince myself aren't I....... 

Yes, it is like the above pic from a different angle, I did warn this may happen.

That one is slightly different, it has a clutch arm shaft in it, with a clutch lever (not to be confused with the headset clutch lever) ..... (that will feature many posts from now) and associated circlips and washers. 

Look, there it all is again, from a further away angle, which allows you to take in all that is now there that wasn't in the first pic, at the start of this post. Well not all of it, as some is internal or covered, so you can't see that, but its there.

You will be relieved glad to know, I didn't use all the pics I could have, but I still have them, so be warned. Remember though, this whole process is (as previously stated several times) more of a record for me than anything else :-)

Saturday, 8 August 2015


Not me I hasten to add (that's crying I mean), no, Izzy is, look, tears of oil stream from her crankcase like a lone stream of water travelling in the middle of nowhere departing from a wide river of mixed emotions.............. actually, its just a bit of the oil that I used to soak the clutch plates in that has seeped out after they were compressed. It could also be the remnants of the oil used on the gears when they were lubricated prior to being fitted, so nothing to worry about.

Whenever I write the word crying, I find it very hard not to think of a certain Only Fools and Horses sketch, you need to forward to around the 40th minute, but it still makes me laugh now, I am easily pleased though.

So, back to the post, it's only a short one (you may be pleased to know) as I have been helping with an an erection putting a shed up today and the time has flown by, so yet again, Izzy has been neglected.

Look how she weeps all over the workbench...........

Seriously, it is just a bit of oil, there is no need to call social services, it is all under control and as they say, there is no use crying over spoilt oil, not sure who says it, but I am sure I have heard them, or imagined it, it doesn't matter now, its happened, we need to move on, I need to move on (clearly)

As stated earlier, this is a short post, more will be done to Izzy tomorrow but I will most likely not post (on this blog) tomorrow as its a special day, an anniversary no less, so I will probably post something, just not here??????????????????????????? you cant beat a bit of mystery, well you can, but I'm not going to explain how now, for I must away...............

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Olympic Rings (aka clutch plates)

Well maybe not, there are only 4 (not 5) and they aren't organised correctly, but just imagine, if there was one more (it would be a 5 plate clutch) it would be the same number as the Olympic rings and if it was organised differently, it would look just like them. If you want to know more about the Olympic rings, click here, if you want to know about Izzy's clutch, stay here and keep reading.

I soaked the new cork plates overnight (as you do and I'm sure you know why) in oil, prior to assembly, funnily enough, in a tub in the lounge much to DB's dismay, but it made it easier for me to turn them to make sure they were well soaked (not said in a cockney accent) just thoroughly soaked.

I then fitted the strengthened clutch springs, held in place with a dab of grease (supplied with the Gori kit, the springs, not the grease) as you can see below.

Then the clutch basket, followed by new cork (and steel) plates went in, one after the other, repeat until done.

Pic above is basket with no plates, pic below is basket with all cork and metal plates fitted (and clutch compressor still in place). Well, even I couldn't be bothered to take a pic of each one in turn being fitted, that would be far to dull for you to look at dear viewer.

What I will do though, in the way of bonus of Sunday night pics, is put another 2 from different angles, with the clutch compressor still in place...................

No idea why, so dont ask........

Followed by a further 3 pics with the compressor gone, and the clutch all happy and as it should be (including its retaining circlip) from different angles for your delight and delectation :-)

Don't say I never give you anything to look at, goodbye for now..................

Friday, 31 July 2015

Rear Sprocket, Clutch Spider and Chain

Yes, they could be a folk group. or some "made up" terms is an old 2 Ronnie's sketch (Mr Barker being the master of wordplay) but in reality, neither of those is the case, its just a description of what has been done and what the pics show. I also know it isn't a picture of a clutch spider, sprocket or chain, that's further down (below). This is the 2 new (beneath the 2 old) roller bearings that the clutch spider sits on/in, whatever takes you fancy.

That's a picture of a clutch spider, sprocket and chain, you can also see the chain guides trying to sneak in to the right of the shot. Those crafty "photobombing" chain guides. They are both still loose in this pic, the nuts aren't tight and tab washer hasn't been bent, as you can see.

Now they have (nuts been tightened and tab washer bent) rather sloppily granted, but done all the same and will be functional if not aesthetic, not they will be seen anyway, plus they will be all oily and dirty over time so I don't know why I am making such a big deal about it :-)

An overview, showing all the aforementioned (I'm not repeating them) items in place, the appropriate tab washers bent (the clutch spider nut one along with the chain guide ones) and something missing from the clutch spider, yes, clutch basket and plates, guess what's up next?