Sunday, 21 June 2015

Mag housing and crank

Which is a combination of the last 2 posts, the first of which was about the mag housing and the second of which was, well, you get the idea.

Well now they are finally reunited.

For the first time in many a moon (not a blue one)...(give it 30 seconds) the engine case not only has a crank in it but also has a mag housing attached.

The only thing separating them is the above gasket, but its ok, it supposed to be there, its not being funny or weird, its doing its job.

As if by magic the mag housing is attached (its not magic, its the three studs and bolts you can see)

Same mag housing, different angle, you can't see the join (to coin a phrase) except of course you can, quite clearly, but no more than is usual.

And there it is again, from another (slightly different) angle, getting a bit samey on the pic front isn't it, well I did say I may get something else done, other than just the above and as you can see below I did, nothing much, but the chain guides are fitted too. Only loosely for now, until I fit the accompanying bits (including chain) and can tighten them up into position.

Well that's a lovely image to finish on, 2 new green Italian racing chain guides (no, I have no idea either) back soon with more ramblings :-)

Friday, 19 June 2015


As promised in the last post, the next post (this one) would be mostly featuring the crank in its rightful place, it is now, as you can see above.

That's that then, thanks for reading.......................................

It was never going to be that short was it (the post, not the crank) if you have learnt something so far from reading/looking at this blog, its that I do like a ramble. On that note, I meant to say ages ago (and possibly did but don't remember) this blog is purely a record (for me) of Izzy being rebuilt, its not meant in any way to be a "how to" or aid to anyone. There are many many better and more accurate blogs out there for that, That's why a lot of what is pictured and described doesn't show (or mention) the intricacies of doing certain things, it assumes you already know, or will look it up if interested.

So back to the crank, shall we have some more pics, shall we, shall we, ok, lets.......

First up is the are casing with nothing crank related in sight..........

Something is happening, there is a well greased new bearing present.......

Now there is something else there,the bearing has company, in the shape of of a new gasket

Then the flange (with new oil seal already in place) are fitted, I didn't counter punch the allen bolts, instead using a decent strength thread lock to keep them in place

Finally the crank, with the aid of a crank puller (from the other side) to get it where it needs to be :-)

Talking of the other side, that's what you can see below, not hugely exciting I grant you, but the whole point of this post was to highlight the crank being in.

Next up will be the mag housing being fitted, try to contain your excitement dear reader :-)

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Mag Housing

Not to be confused with a magazine rack, which is something entirely different and serves a very different purpose. AKA "magneto housing" or "flywheel housing", take your pick, personally I will stick with "mag housing" but call it what you want, it wont answer you, its a cold metal inanimate object.

Whatever you choose to call it, that's one up there, with its new oil seals (2), spacer washer, circlip and bearing fitted.

Same thing, different angle (bit closer up) you can see the smearing of high melting point grease on the bearing to aid lubrication and reduce friction........... ooh err missus (nearly went all Frankie Howerd then)

There it is again, from the other side this tie (the side that sits in the engine casing), looking dirtier from this angle too (no more Frankie Howerd comments I promise) its not dirty, well it is, but clean dirty (if that makes sense) given everything is new its clean, its just dirty because I covered it in grease, new, clean grease though, keeping up? No? I will move on then.

Like other parts of the assembly, a heat gun and bearing that have been in the freezer for a while made assembly a lot easier. I am sure DB wonders why there are random metal objects in the freezer at times but hey, it could be worse, I could be planning on using the tumble drier to...... actually, I wont say.

You will be glad to know this is a short post, the next one will be along soon and feature, for your delectation and delight, the crank, in its rightful place, the engine (as opposed to the plastic tub its been in for ages), I know you cant wait can you, I can tell................