Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Come on, you have to admit, it does look quite a lot like an upside down Dalek, no, just me then. 

I had no idea how much stuff there is out there on tinternet to do with Daleks, there really is something for everyone, look, just quickly browsing, you can see what I mean. That is just one site, there are loads that cater for everything Dalek related, I was going to say some people clearly have too much time on their hands, but coming from me, who thinks the above picture is an upside down Dalek and has wasted a rather lengthy paragraph banging on about Daleks (and the time spent looking at Dalek related websites) that would probably be a foolish statement.

Ok so it isn't one (upside down Dalek) its far more exciting (possibly) its actually a TDC  tool, yes, you read it right. 

I should probably say now, this is what I like to call an "interim" post, as I am very aware its been many weeks since the last one and I thought I better put something up, however nonsensical. It's likely to be a post with many words that says very little, or, to coin a lyric, taken from a song by another of my favourite groups...........

                                     "You're talkin' a lot, but you're not sayin' anything"

So, back to the post, timing, its all in the timing. I fear, despite my best efforts (TDC tool and timing disc to name but 2) accurately adjusting sorting out Izzy's timing will be a bit hit and miss and more luck than judgement. There are a few things scooter rebuild, related I am not so keen on (carb adjustment, timing and electrics, oh, and paint)....(ok, many things) although I have a "good go at" and am getting better at, with time and patience and probably old age lol. Timing, is very much one of these "learning curve" things that I am not completely confident I will get right, without a degree (excuse the pun) of tinkering, still, time will tell.

The flywheel even has degree marks on it to aid in the process, is it any easier for me, ummmmm

I think if it was a traditional points system as opposed to an electronic ignition, I may, no, I would feel more confident, still, everything is where I "think" it needs to be and at some point down the line (when I first start Izzy) I will know how accurate I was, or wasn't :-)

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