Saturday, 10 August 2013

Disc Brake, Innocenti (again)................

 I mentioned in my last post, just recently..........

Ok it wasn't recent, it was a ridiculously long time ago......

This must officially be the slowest Lambretta rebuild ever (though I imagine there is one in a darkened place somewhere that has taken longer) .... (he says hoping it is true but not totally convinced). I wont even attempt to explain why there has been a long hiatus this time, but I will say I plan to crack on with it now, while funds permit at least.

So back to the disc brake, as I said in my last post much of the TV is Italian, the disc brake being another example of this and it is the latest thing to be reassembled, over the past week or so. New bearings, oil seals, pads, washers, nuts and nipples (sort of rolls of the tongue doesn't it) were used, along with anything else that needed replacing, I have kept the original disc as it is unmarked and they aren't cheap to replace (just for the sake of it) likewise the original operating arm was retained as it functions perfectly and like the disc, is undamaged. I wanted to see it with rubber wrapped around it (not linked to the nuts and nipples comment earlier I hasten to add) so couldn't resist popping the type and rims on. I have gone for Michelin S1's, I am sure everyone has their preferences, but for me (having used them on my Vespa for many years) I think the grip and ride quality is excellent, I also love the look (well it has to play a part surely). Obviously safety and performance are more important though and it excels on both counts in my (and many others) opinion so a pair (with matching inner tubes) were ordered. Just need to get the operating arm cover, i cap, put some air in the tyre and its done.

Once the disc was assembled and encased in rims and rubber I wanted to see how the white (which certain parts are painted) would look against the blue that forms most of the colour, so after putting the stand and splash plate on (not white) I fitted the rear mudguard, just to see how it looked against the blue, works for me.

Next up, cables and loom to be fitted to the frame, followed by various bits of bodywork. This WILL be over the coming days/week so expect another update soon, honestly, I mean it this time :-)

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