Thursday, 28 May 2015

Gori Elaborazioni

No, I am not speaking gobbledygook (I didn't realise that word is actually in the OED until I checked) gobbledygook I mean. I have titled this post as such as I wanted to do a quick post about some of the bits that are going on/in the engine.

Before you ask (although to be fair its not likely anyone will) yes, that is the ceiling in our lounge at the top of the picture! The reason, well, the garage isn't the best for not getting damp and I didn't want to leave it (the exhaust, yes, that's what is) out there where it may get wet. Everything else is in plastic boxes with lids, to keep any potential leaks/water out, but the exhaust wouldn't fit, so it had to stay in the house (much to DB's dismay). The garage isn't actually too bad, only when we get a lot of heavy rain in a couple of places (already patched up a lot of it) but it gives me an excuse to have an exhaust in the lounge, on top of the unit, which I can see whenever I look up a few feet from the telly, which is nice :-)

So tuning wise, Izzy is having a few tweaks, to become less of a standard 175cc, fifty (plus) year old engined scooter and something more modern, and also hopefully more reliable and nippy.

I will add pics and more detail in further posts of some of the individual components etc (this was only supposed to be quick post but my rambling has yet again got the better of me) so for now I will just list a few bits instead of adding more pics and details.

Electrics wise I have upgraded everything to a full BGM electronic ignition set up, including, coil. stator, regulator and a beautifully crafted one piece lightened flywheel from Twisted Rods, all of which need to be fitted but are sitting there waiting to go.

As previously mentioned, all bearings, oils seal, o rings, circlips and gaskets are new and/or uprated along with brakes clutch and suspension. In addition to all of the above, we have the following:

New crank (uprated GP Mazzucchelli)
New barrel, piston etc (Gori 200cc "Sport" kit)
New exhaust (matching Gori "Sport" exhaust)

I went for the sport combination as opposed to the racing one to keep things more sensible (a novelty for me, must be my age) and allow for a more original look (carb/airbox wise) also, an important factor (DB may be looking), it was the cheaper option :-)

I bought the Gori stuff directly from Italy (as opposed to paying more to get it all from a UK supplier) and dealt (through email) with a guy called Andy, who was absolutely brilliant and very helpful, I would highly recommend doing the same if you are after anything Gori related.

So, that's a relatively brief (for me) synopsis of what's going inside (or attached to) the engine cases and I am going to finish the post with one final link.

When deciding on what kit and exhaust to go for I did a lot of reading and deliberating around various options, views, performance specs etc. While doing that I stumbled across this video (ignore the music and scroll to around the 40 second mark) and the sound of the exhaust is something I am hoping Izzy will have when finished :-)

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