Saturday, 18 April 2015

I cant explain......

Honestly, I really cant, well I could (explain) but it would in no way justify the neglect I have demonstrated. When I talk of neglect I mean to Izzy (obviously, that's what this blog is about) but also the blog itself. The blog more so in truth as I have been doing things to Izzy during the 604 days that I haven't updated the blog. I had to emphasise the six o four part as its a loooooong time, too long, way too long, 86 weeks and two days in fact. Or, if you would prefer it to be broken down to seconds it equates to 52,185,600 (or 869,760 minutes) actually that hasn't helped, I feel very neglectful now.

So, why the delay, honestly, you really don't want to know, suffice to say life has yet again got in the way and "stuff" has been happening, as it does. But now I am determined (yes, I know I have said it before) to see it through to the end and get Izzy finished, running and ridden and update the blog more frequently as I do. To be fair, its not hard to update more frequently than I have been (1 year, 7 months and 27 days) but I aim to post something at least monthly from now on. 

I am also going to link (if I can, technophobe that I am) to my Facebook in order to "motivate" myself to be more active on the blog. Mind you, I am not particularly "active" on Facebook either so that may not work, do you see a pattern emerging :-)

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