Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Go Faster (stripes?)

They aren't, obviously, but the 2 red stripes were originally on all Spanish TV175's so will find their way on to the legshields of mine, when it comes to the finishing touches. I know you can only see one of the original ones in the pic but if you look at the bottom pic (horizontal stripe) you can see the second strip under the added paint, as a raised line.

Why have I suddenly thought about this, well, I didn't put any pictures up of what I have been doing recently (fitting cables and loom) as this still isn't completely done (waiting on a few more bits) they are pretty much where they will be staying but only held by tape at present not the correct clamps, ties. I also popped a spare (rather old and incomplete) engine into the frame in order to make sure cables were in the right place (length wise) as the actual engine that will be going in is not finished yet. I say not finished, its not even started, as it will be the last thing I do once everything else is done (bar a few finishing touches, like red lines lol) mostly due to the fact this will probably be the dearest part of the rebuild.

I think an accurate description for what I have been doing recently is "pottering about", makes me sound incredibly old (well I am getting that way) but its the best way I can describe the loads of little bits I have been doing, tinkering with the wiring/cables and various other bits of bodywork, spraying tank straps (managed to get a perfectly matching white) confirming what extra bits/parts I need, figuring out what I'm likely to do with the engine and working out what bits I want chromed. This includes the gear change and throttle housing as these were annoyingly never sprayed all those years ago when the rest of it was done. I also annoyingly don't have any of the paint or the colour identification so cant now get these bits done. I may, in fact I'm sure I will, once it is done, go somewhere and get a colour match done and some paint made up and get them sprayed, it would also be handy to have some for any little bits that need touching up, but for now, they are going to be chromed, I can delay no more. its been tool long as it is :-)

I also forgot to mention in my last post, I finally thought of a name for IT too, I know I haven't used it yet and have used the word "it" in this post, but from now on IT will officially be know as Izzy, there are reasons behind this that I will no doubt explain in another post (just to bore you further) but not now, so, Izzy it is, which sounds a bit like izzyitis, which could be a medical condition, although its not. I seem to have overloaded on labels for this post too so I really should stop, more Izzy updates soon.............

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