Sunday, 7 October 2012

Dirty Links!

Well what were you expecting to see with a title like that?

Ahhhhhh, I know, you thought I meant “dirty links”, ok, just for you, here's one, dirty link

Moving on.

As I have finally decided to make a start on the poor neglected beasty........ Need to think of a name for it really, I know some folks name their scooters, cars, bikes, hovercraft etc but I haven’t with the TV as yet. In the past I have named scooters and cars, not all of them, no real pattern to it really. The daily Vespa (210) doesn’t have a name, neither does the daily car (A3, soon to be A1) but the less than daily beetle does (Bert), see, no pattern to it. But I cant keep calling the TV, “the TV” reminds me too much of the Bowie song TVC 15. Which, I hasten to add, is nothing to do with a transvestite but based on an acid trip Iggy Pop had at Bowie's house during which he thought the television was swallowing his girlfriend. Not a good image, a new name is paramount methinks.

I will use IT for now, not flattering, or particularly inventive but until I think of something else IT will do.

So, as I am making a start on IT I thought the best place to begin was the forks, rebuild them and get them in the frame. The first step being the links. I have kept the original ones and as you can see they are rather grubby, almost 50 years of grub possibly, so cleaning them is the first step. Once this is done I can fit new bushes and bolts and get them to where they belong, back in the forks.

The next post will follow plenty of elbow grease.

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